Monday, January 31, 2011

the web page

i thought the overall style of the website fit really well with his self-image

Zhou Fan

It's hard to find a good artist's website that isn't just a Blogger, Tumblr, or Flickr page. But here's one anyway.

I really don't like how there seems to be no way to see the pictures at higher resolution. It's a clean layout, th0ugh.

Not so good site

Here is a site that I thought wasn't that great. It had too much writing for me along with colors that didn't match. It also was unorganized which can be a problem for navigation.

another by Alyce

In some way it makes sense that Jeff Clarke's contact info is part of the permanent menu. Seems like the layout and sizes work.

Evan B. Harris

A bit of flash is used at this but just enough for me to appreciate everything within the site. I love the color palette he uses, and the overall appearance of the site coincides with his artwork nicely.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

I know a lot of flash is not recommended, but I love all the different effects, especially the planetarium where you can virtually move the sky and being able to show your own imagination etc., It's interactive and fun.


another dang website

so this is a site that i frequently use. its the website for thrasher skateboard magazine. i like it because it is very easy to navigate and is filled with content.

Thrasher Magazine

hope you guys enjoy.



I thought this was fitting for those of us who are thinking about doing this for's what could be......hopefully not what will be...


This site is similar to many we have seen however I like the collage look and the roll over effect on the landing page. (And her work is really weird!)


Ali's Sites 1_30_11

This is a neat site that represents a lot of different photographers in one site. I like the color scheme, and easy navigation. It's pretty clean and simple. It reminds me of, which is a site that represents a variety of different people that provide services to better people's lives - like areobics, nutrition, etc.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I love the way her photos are displayed using a "scroll to the right" method.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "star" of Banksy's art documentary, Exit through the Gift Shop Mr Brainwash's website. Pretty crazy. Kinda like him. Watch the documentary on netflix and you will understand......

Monday, January 24, 2011

really cool site

A really cool website that advertises the idea of non-click websites. VERY COOL!

i liked the simplicity and how it has videos incorporated and easy navigation around the site. lots of pics.

i just thought this was a powerful and simple layout, simple ease to use and aesthetically pleasing.
-Andrew C

Mattias Fredriksson Photography

-One of my favorite ski photographers is Mattias Fredriksson, and this is his personal website containing a collection of his photos.

-He's built his site so you can't steal his work, which is pretty neat. However, this makes it challenging to grab a photograph to use as a freakin' sweet desktop picture.

-I really admire the layout, its very simple, clean, cool, and very easy to navigate.

-Despite the incredible simplicity and ease of use, what the site contains is what I'm drawn to the most


I think this website is very simple, no frills, just straight up what the artist can do and what the artist has done. He also gives you all his info in an easy manner so you can hire him. The web site is very easy to navigate, and does not pull you in to other sights.


This website has a great layout and some really great fashion photography. It's very easy to navigate and stylish.

Sunday, January 23, 2011
I like this designer's website because it's simple, clean, easy to navigate, creative, and very different than most. I love how she split the tree and put her info in between. I wish she had more work to portay, but it is an art in the making.


Reading 1.24.2011

Your first reading, CSS Positioning, here. We will be starting on this today (Monday) and should have a firm grasp by Wednesday. Have it read by then and stay warm!

Reading #2 (also by Wednesday), some great color resources,

and Reading #3, Choosing the Best Colors for your Website,

Ippei Gyoubu

This site is for a Japanese digital artist named Ippei Gyoubu. Some of the site is in Japanese, with English translation. Entering the site he puts an entry page to his main page that triggers a cute mouse animation. On the main page he puts About, Gallery, Works List, Blog, and Mail. What I like about his Gallery is the way in which you view his works, clicking on random squares, I feel that this is a rather unique and fun way to view an artist's gallery. You're not able to save any of the works from the gallery, which was annoying, but understandable.

immersive garden

This is a web site designed by Dilshan Arukatti. He is a graphic designer and art director in Paris, France. I stumbled upon this site and thought it was really interesting how you have to interact with each page or else you wont see anything but a quote. I think that this is made with flash because it is very intricate and is always moving and changing. hope you guys like it as well.

Ravi Zupa

This is the personal website for one of my favorite working artists. It's organized in the simplest possible way, so his work is emphasized really well. There are only two links from the home page. One is to a collection of his music videos, and the other is to his own online store. If anyone decides to watch a video, it would be best to start with "Rubber Traits" by the band Why? The other ones are a little iffy. There's also a book he illustrated called The Pyre which you all should buy (or I could bring in my own copy if someone's interested in seeing it).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here is a website that I came across while doing research last semester for Art of the Human Body; Photographer Jim Furness. I think it has nice simplicity and is easy to navigate. The slide show is good as well to catch the viewer and keep them interested. Enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Liz'z Site Posting
This site I'm guessing is all done in flash, but its so much fun. Stick with it for a minute to really get the whole thing. It's funny, and it keeps your attention all while moving your eyes around the site.
Again other cool site with flash, but I also like the colours and the fact that the theme and the "little" monster don't really go together but they do at the same time. He's the right kind of "out of place".


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Natalie is a young photographer whom I follow on flickr, and this is her own personal photography website. I'm really inspired by the creativity she put in her name logo on the main page, and I really enjoy reading and participating in her page; how when you click links there are pages that tell you to do things when you are waiting for the images to load, its really interactive and unique. It's also a really simple page and I love the layout.

there are a few glitches with the site that need to be fixed, some of the photos overlap with the logo in certain browsers, but i just thought it was simple and creative.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Art...Check It

This is a webpage for my friend Kyle Norris. He is an artist from Essex who is studying at RISD. He creates sick paintings, sculptures, and digital art. He also creates websites with his project company WolfDog studios. Check it out:


Ali's Sites 1_19_11

I like the following website, which is used primarily by young kids. I'm a fan because of how interactive and engaging it is, as well as the layout and easy navigation.

or copy and paste this:


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a few sites

Some things I don't like about sites are when it takes ages to load and if they are so cluttered and busy. I like the black clean backgrounds of the documentary photo sites. I like when there are the small thumbnails of photos below a large view of one and that if you are on a little thumbnail it bounces to a slightly larger view or click on it to see the large view. The time factor of slow loading and clutter is a deterrent for me to wait to view. I also seem to like things centered and not moving here there and who knows where when you want to see it. I think when it is clean and simple and user friendly to everyone where you don't have to search to figure out how it works is appealing. If it doesn't fit well on the screen and you have to scroll to see the menu for gallery, home, contact etc I think that doesn't look right either. I will try to find other sites...