Monday, February 28, 2011


this site is most likely what javascript i will be using for my website, as long as i can figure it out :P
its called scrollable and it is where you can scroll using either an arrow or a "next/previous" button where images slide to the right.

examples of this script are:

Javascript Ideas

This site has different ideas and codes for slide show stuff for websites. Not sure if they all work or what not...

cool pics!

Although the art is really neat, it would be nice if there was some sort of writing that explains the photo, where it is, the place it was taken, and when it was taken.

Javascript gallery

this seems to be a newly developed software using flash I believe, may have some glitches but generally seemed nice. There are demos to see what it is like

the first site bellow is one that came up when I googled gallery slide - the two links after are from that site and the last one gives a good example with a large image and thumbnails beneath the image but I would like the thumbnails to the right and vertical.

Liz'z post for 2/28

This is a local design group that has a great colour palette and uses different layouts for their pages, 2 &3 column, thumbnail etc. I also like the way you can click through screen shots of their website designs under portfolio.

javascript drop down menu

I am not sure if this is what Bethany had in mind for finding with googling but it looks like it might be helpful, the only problem is there are no examples of how they work so I want to ask her before

this site above was better as it gave little demos of how they work so assume it makes more sense.

and this one above might answer questions, not sure if it is a good source but looks helpful. here is another that might be helpful but will check with bethany and delete the ones that might not help

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I chose this site just because of the javascript that enables the whole site or screen to scroll by using the back and forth arrows or simply by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom of the page back and forth to where you want to go. It's clean, super easy to navigate and by using the scroll bar at the bottom you control how fast or slow you move through the site.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Does anyone know anything about our paper that we were supposed to do this week? I haven't heard back from Bethany yet. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i love her entire site, the way her photos slide, how sleek and clean it is, how everything feels fresh, and I like how her site fits with her personal style.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Keita Morimoto

A very simple site, which works along side the artwork.

Ali's Sites 2_14_11

I like the layout of her site - her jewelry is in different collections like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. I also like the color scheme - very bright and cheerful.

Beehive Collective

A really neat non-profit organization of artists. They work in many different media types and do design work for environmental/social/political causes.

sweet website


Two Thumbs Down or

Not sure which one because the browser says one and the website says another. Also, they don't have the content they say they do and their pictures don't get any larger than thumbnails so you have to squint to see. There are also a lot of links that take you away from the main site.

No Good,


mick and keith :)

I just liked the way these looked. you scroll down for everything laid out but have the option to click on galleries, videos etc - though they weren't working on mick's site... Also like the separation of Mick and then Jagger is down below over the top of the photo and a different color.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photography Websites

Here is a cool website that has links and ideas along with staring your own website. Also applications and such full of readings.


I've been browsing through sites and found this one to be interesting because each picture can be painted by the viewer with the interactive paint brush. I like how the clouds, birds and people are animated, but not overly done.

For a fun website lets you do a number of things from sketch and paint to manipulate the moves of breakdancers.


New Website

Studio 360 from NPR just launched this new website. I like the top feature with the slices on the side.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think when I look at photographer's website I really enjoy it when they're simple and to the point, and when they show a bit of their style at the same time.
This is what I like about this website:

Monday, February 7, 2011

This website is different. The illustrator animated one of her own. I like the crazy version better than the lazy. She made her site unique.

sweet site with many free popular fonts:

jake and dinos

i like their stye

i like the way her website is split into different categories, and how sleek it is and that its centered, even if it is a tumblr.

The MoMA

I chose the Museum of Modern Art website as a strong example of a good website. Since millions of people view this site it really needs to be universally understood and not complicated. I think that the site is very interactive and definitely user friendly for most ages.

Jeannie Phan

Simple, sleek, easy to get around. I like it.

Alyce's site for an artist I like how this is a simple site with categories for her art. Straightforward and to the point, nice calm background colors that don't take away from her artwork.

Ali's Website Pick 2.7.11

Here's a really simple and easy to navigate photographer's website:

I like how her name and contact info is clear and one of the first things you see. I also like how she has a few strong images on her home page with the right side being a slideshow. The thumbnails make it easy to look at a glance at all of her work, and then you can click on the ones you want to enlarge.

Clean and simple.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crazy Work

Still don't love all the ins and outs of this site, but the work is pretty incredible!


Not the best

The art is nice, but I think it should be shown in thumbnails, then you can click if you like it. The pics. are too big, they should fit the screen, I don't like having to scroll up and down to see one picture.


Reading 2.7.2011

Understanding Web Design

Thinking Outside the Grid
Huge collection of Banksy works:

Friday, February 4, 2011

The sky's the limit!

I know we are gocusing on artists but I keep finding other website I think work well. My pick this week is NASA The front page has so much going on, that it kinda feels like a control panel of a space ship. An they have a black ground site that's easy to read.