Wednesday, April 27, 2011


this is a site made by skateboarders for their own private training facility.
the berrics

Monday, April 25, 2011

I forgot to post before class
This guy's crazy. I guess he's a wrestler/artist/poet or something. He goes on and on about weird stuff, but his paintings are great.

Very cool use of Lightbox

In this site, Mattias Fredriksson Photography, you can click on his pictures and using Lightbox, create your own slideshow, which you can download as a pdf. Just click on the Lightbox link at the top right and it will give you easy instructions.


Liz'z Post

Well, I just "launched" my first site, so I'm going to post that this week. This class has been so much fun and I'm looking forward to creating my next couple of sites.

Sidewalk Penny Studio

great video on a great site.

this is a skate video of these two goofy guys who come up with some cool tricks... also the site vimeo is a great video hosting site. i prefer it over youtube.



this is a cool site where you can go and just breath. and relax and it looks cool too...

do as one



Ali's Sites 4_25_11

I love this site for candid children's photography! I especially like the slideshow at the beginning...


cool trends for web sites

This site has many good ideas for modernizing your site. Many of these techniques are used in very popular contemporary sites and could help boost the aesthetic properties of your site.

one good, one not so

This is nice for easy access to endless categories, it is well organized and easy to find things. Can't go wrong with Richard Avedon I suppose.

This one is not the best only because the menu bar is sideways and I don't want look at it but otherwise the photos are nice and color is subdued and easy to look at

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


this is a group of skaters from southern vermont. i like the set up of the site the worble

Monday, April 18, 2011

i really enjoyed what i saw on carolyn's website, the flash and the thumbnails, it also reminded me of what Alyce was doing with her website.


i like the way its navigated. everything is all on one page and you just have to scroll through it.

very cool click-free website

This is an extremely cool website, you don't have to click your mouse at all. Simply move your mouse around and see what happens!

Ali's Sites 4_18_11

I know this is a retail site, but it also has a ton of fun and unique art pieces...I really like the background texture and the colored ribbons that distinguish the categories and tabs. There is a lot of material on this site, but I think that it is organized really well and is easy to navigate.

~ Ali

Just a cool website for anyone who likes animated gifs

This will take awhile to load

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art Supply Company

This week I'm posting an encaustics company website because its easy to use and the layout as alot going on without being to overwhelming. I also like the black background on this site, since the products are silver and bright colours.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flash Collection

I know that we aren't really using Flash in this class, but this site has some really impressive work on it.

Some stuff is in Japanese and the site is kind of hard to navigate. First you have to click on a code someone has posted. This brings you to a page with the code, and to the right of that you click the play button to start it. Once it loads, most of them react to moving or clicking your mouse in some way. Some are amazing.

one relative link and one just interesting

this was different I am not sure if it is flash but I like how the menu bar pops out, I don't think I have seen a site like this before, takes some getting used to I suspect but seems a little too distracting because it pops over the main image you want to view, maybe if it were above the image...

this link is just interesting, not relative but cool...wonder who is looking at these :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


This site is easy to maneuver through and very clean with all the information they need to get across to their clients.